Expert Assistance

The TIF Executives are given sufficient knowledge and trained to provide the Expert Assistance of the Trial Products you order.

They will be able to guide you with the details of the product, details about connectivity, compare with the other Trial Products.

Well, they might not be able to help with the products we do not Sell on our sites.

Absolutely !!

This is an important Differentiating factor between Tryitfirst.in and other reputed online websites  .

We not only deliver the products, we help you deliver the Experience and Buy.

And for this the TIF executives are the Enablers who help and guide you to choose the best.

Also, Tryitfirst.in or TIF Executive does not influnece your Buying decision. Its the customer who decides which is most suitable by Experiencing, Trying.


For the Direct Buy / Non Trial Buy, we do not provide the Expert Assistance.

If you have marked the Trial as Gift, we would definitely give Expert Assistance to them. And guide them with the Best one to choose.


Sorry, we provide the Expert Assistance to only for the Products which are bought from Tryitfirst.in

Since, we run a tight schedule for the Delivery we would request to complete the Trial within 20 Mins.

We do not charge anything extra for Expert Assistance if it is completed within 20 mins (excluding payments).

But, if it crosses 20 Mins, we charge as per below

Upto 20 Mins Free
20 Min to 30 Mins Rs. 50 + GST
30 Mins to 40 Mins Rs. 100 + GST
40 Mins to 60 Mins Rs. 500+ GST

 You will be getting the receipt for the same.