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Still Happy with 10 days replacement from other popular Shopping websites !

Most of popular websites, boost about replacement / return where they do it only for 10 days. But what if you opened the pack after 10 days or your product stops working after 10 days! 

You would need to find the product service centre and then get it repalced, with a lot of energy and time wasted on that.

And now with Tryitfirst.in, we have solved this problem for our customers ! 

Tryitfirst replacement is for "365 days" or entire warranty period !!! 


How Tryitfirst provides 365 Days replacements

We understand customer problems.

We do away with this unnecessary hassle and simplify the whole deal for you. You just have to raise the "Replacement Request" and our executive will get in touch with you, book an appointment and in the shortest time period possible our team will manage to assess the defect and then collect it from you along with the invoice and original packaging.

We now take the hassle of reaching out to the company for your product defect assessment and once we get a go ahead for the defect as a replacement, we make sure that within two days you get the replacement of your defective product at your doorstep.

We make sure that you are satisfied with our products, serivice and face no problems using the product.

Looks like a fairy tale. Its real, we address your warranty hassles for smooth user experience.

Check Warranty Return Period Raise the Warranty Return Request Track you Return Status
Check Return Period Raise the Return Request Track Your Status


Hear our Customer Says about his 365 Days warranty replacement experience !

Kiran Reddy a budding model, and a satisfied customer of TryitFirst, he says enthusiastically

“My headphone started to give me problems the very next month I bought it from TryItfirst.in. I raised a request for Warranty return. Wow ! I got a call from TryitFirst customer care executive with an hour and as per my suitable time booked an appointment for an early morning 9:00 am pickup. He sharply came, verified, yes, it was a non-physical damage issue and a probably manufacturing defect.  After 2 days, without my followup, I got a call from Tryitfirst.in informing that the defect has been confirmed and they provided me the replacement with a new one!

I felt so happy and started to recommend the same to my other friends.”

Still not convinced, this can really happen.

Shop on Tryitfirst.in and experience the fresh change in online shopping experience !


Why is 365 Days Replacement Assistance important factor to choose an earphone/headphone/ BT ?

Warranty, such a nice word to read and hear. But when it comes to experience of Warranty, many of us have some good and bad stories.

Every product, how good the manufacturing be, there will always be a possibility of a manufacturing defect, no matter what the brand is. And it can come suddenly, it can be a slow process and it might be from start, where you might have ignored as a small issue.

But the real problem lies when we have our favourite working earphone stops working. Many a times, if our loved product goes bad, we get disheartened, not only because it has stopped working, but also because of the hassles involved in sorting of the product defect, reaching to Manufacturer service centre, sending product for repair / replace.

Whoops !! Too many warranty hassles. Feel’s like let down by the brand !

What are the Warranty Hassles..

Too many !!!

First, you identify and confirm an issue with the product; the next step is to figure out where the service centre is. It could be at the other end of the city from where you are living. Then you have to get in touch with them and if they do not have the provision to come check it at your place, you will have to go there.

Once you reach, there could be a queue, which you obviously cannot jump. Once you get to the concerned person, you have to explain the problem and produce all the documents they ask for, like the invoice. While the replacement would surely take another 2-3 days, you’ll also have to constantly check for an update on the service.

Secondly, some of the brands don’t have any service centre in the city. You would need to call, verify, coordinate, package, send to the required address. And now the endless wait till it reaches, gets acknowledgement and then goes for defect verification and then probable repair / replacement.

Customer Story:

Saksham Raj, a resident of Madhapur is a developer. He works for a reputed MNC. His work demands a lot of effort. Sometimes, he needs to extend his shift for more than 9 or 10 hours. However, music is his life saviour and makes him cope up with his work efficiently. He likes to listen to metallic songs having good bass. Although his office provides a generic headphone, but he needs a good one which supports his requirements.

Saksham goes online on a major website and orders one good brand headphone after going through the reviews. He is satisfied with the product. But there comes the problem. Headphone stops working after a month.

Saksham panics. Reaches out to the purchase Website, but they says they cannot do anything on this and it cannot replaced by them as it has crossed the 10 day replacement policy. Now Saksham is left with only option to reach out to the Manufacturer Service centre. He quicky finds one and he now has to go to the service centre located at the other end of the city. He takes out some time reaches there, to find a lengthy queue, and a wait for 2 hours. Ah, excited, his turn comes, he explains the issue and the service centre acknowledges, it’s a defect. A sigh of relief and happiness. But, but, they inform, he again needs to come back after 2 days to collect the replacement. Shocked Saksham! Requests the staff and manager to provide him a replacement, but to no anvail, as they explain him that they don’t hold the stock and need to get from company and it may take 2 -3 days of time. Sad Saksham, has no other option but to wait, call them daily and enquire if the replacement product has arrived... And the day comes after a week finally and he rushes back to collect his replacement, finally !  

A similar story, probably you might also have.

NO !! then you are a very lucky person on this earth, or a Tryitfirst.in shopper ! 

Still not convinced, this can really happen.

Shop on Tryitfirst.in and experience the fresh change in online shopping experience !