Try and Buy Policy

Try and Buy Policy

We understand the concerns of the 21st century customers in finding the right place to buy earphones and headphones with best Price and service.

Online purchase is completely like Window Shopping, where we buy something which looks good and right in photos and reviews. But in reality, it is marred with difficulty of proper fit, good music, good sound and good mic.

Offline purchase you need to run around multiple stores to get to Try your favorite Earphones/ Headphones and it may not be guaranteed, that you may find the Trial for it.

We have introduced a revolutionary concept of Try and Buy at your doorstep at you’re your convenient time.

Try and Buy service assures you always choose what is right for you, what fits better with every aspect of product you try and understand, before you make a purchase decision. And let’s not forget that you are definitely buying a genuine product when you buy with

Try and Buy

  • We aim to provide the customers with the Working Assisted Trial of the products ordered
  • Customer can select and choose upto 3 products for Trial
  • Trial will be done in person and our TIF Executive will come at the Ordered Location with the Products Ordered.
  • Trial Products will be out of box Original Trial Products and not brand new products.
  • Trial will be perimitted for only one order per day per customer. If multiple trial orders are raised by a customer, first order will be retained and other orders for the day will be cancelled.
  • If for more than 3 orders, customer has not purchased from the Trial, Tryitfirst has the right to charge for the Trial or reject the further Free Trial.
  • Trial Product may differ in color from the ordered products. But the "To Buy" (sealed Product) product will be of same color as ordered.
  • The trial product may have some wear due to regular Trial usage.
  • Customers can Experience the ordered Earphone / Headphone / Speakers with the choice of their songs or their device infront of the TIF Delivery Executive
  • Customers are required to handle the Trial products with care
  • If the Trial product gets damaged by the customer, the customer is liable to pay 50% of product listing price as penalty.
  • If the Customer refuses to pay the penalty amount, he / she will be banned from the website and would not be able to place subsequent orders, till the penalty amount is paid and he / she will be liable for prosecution, subject to the courts of Hyderabad.
  • Customer can Try the product for 20 Mins for free
  • Since the Trial is not for unlimited time and there is a need for us to service other orders Tryitfirst has the right to charge the Trial if the trial exceeds a threshold goverened by Tryitfirst
  • Customers have the right to Buy or Reject the purchase after the Trial, if they feel the Products, they have ordered are not of right fit for them.
  • If Customer likes One or More of the products he can wish to Pay and Buy from the TIF Executive.
  • Customer can Buy only the Ordered Product including the Color.
  • Customer can pay using varied options of Offline Payments
    • Card
    • Cash
    • Gpay
    • Paytm
    • BHIM / UPI
    • PhonePay
    • Online Payment Link
  • Free Trials are capped to a count of 3 and may be subject to change.
  • On registration, Customer is provided with 3 Free Trial Credits.
  • The credits get renewed after every successful purchase.
  • For every 3 consecutive purchases, the customer will be allowed for 4 Free Trial credits.
  • Max Credits for Free Trial are capped to 4 Free Trials
  • If all the Free Trial Credits are expired, will charge a nominal fee of Rs.100/- and which can be redeemed, if the order is purchased successfully.
  • In such cases, the Trial is conducted only after the payment of the Trial Fee.
  • If the customer declines to pay the Trial Fee, the Trial for such order would not be conducted and the TIF executive will return back without the Trial.

In case of any queries and questions or want to know more about how Trial is conducted, please contact our support and we will be glad to resolve your queries.

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