Welcome to the Best Customer Rewards in the E-Commerce 

Tryitfirst is offering the best in class reward points "Tryitfirst SuperCash"

  • SuperCash can be spent to get instant discounts for purchases and also it can be redeemed for entire amount on the Redeem Category specially crafted for the SuperCash
  • SuperCash can be earned in various ways viz., Signup, Purchases, Referrals and Testimonial,Reviews.
  • And we do not have a limit on how much you can earn and how much you can spend the SuperCash on !!!
  • 1 SuperCash points == Rs.1 ... So more SuperCash is more discount
  • More SuperCash is more discount Earn More == Save More

("Tryitfirst SuperCash" is referred as "SuperCash" ) 

How you can get Instant Discounts with SuperCash

Tryitfirst SuperCash can be spent for instant discounts on the purchases and for redeeming entire for exciting products.

Redeem : 

  1. Redeem 100% SuperCash from Redeem Section (know more)

Purchases :

  1. Get Instant discount of  ₹300 on spending 300 SuperCash on  purchase of Smartphones, Laptops and Tablet PCs(know more)
  2. Get Instant discount of  ₹150 on spending 150 SuperCash on  purchase of Wireless & Smart Fitness Devices (know more)
  3. Get Instant discount of  ₹100 on spending 100 SuperCash on purchase of Wired  Devices (know more)
  4. Get Instant discount of  ₹50 on spending 50 SuperCash on purchase of other Mobile and Computer Accessories (know more)

Order Type :

  1. Get Additional Instant discount of  200 SuperCash additional for Try and Buy Orders (know more)


How to Earn more SuperCash to get Instant Discounts:

SignUp :

  1. Earn 200 SuperCash on Sign-up (know more)

 Purchases :

  1. Earn 100% SuperCash (upto 5000) on First Purchase (know more)
  2. Earn 200 SuperCash on subsequent orders. (know more)
  3. Earn 200 SuperCash Additional for choosing Try and Buy (know more)
  4. Earn 100 SuperCash Additional for Pay and Buy for non-COD (know more)
  5. Earn Additional SuperCash on every product (varies from product to product) (know more)

Sharing and Referring

  1. Earn 50 SuperCash for referral friend sign-up with Tryitfirst (know more)
  2. Earn 100 SuperCash for every purchase of your referral friend (know more)

Testimonials and Review

  1. Earn 100 SuperCash for writing a Testimonial about Tryitfirst (know more)
  2. Earn 200 SuperCash for a Video Testimonial on Tryitfirst (know more)
  3. Earn 50 SuperCash for every product review (know more)