Select Suitable Slot For Your Trial and Delivery

Why is suitable slot Scheduling required for an order

Online shopping, it’s so convenient, that, you see the product virtually and order and get it at your home / office or gift it to your loved ones!

But again, like many advantages, it also has disadvantage! You never know, when the order delivery would happen. Today, tomorrow, morning, evening, night, afternoon, just keep guessing wildly.

We would not know when exactly. We have to wait endlessly for the Delivery person to call and give it to you. And when in the middle of a meeting and you get the delivery of your order. You either have to leave the meeting mid-way or leave the order to be delivered again later or next day! Again, a repeat, Possible!


How unexpected order Deliveries trouble you!

Well, with so much of excitement, one orders the product, but to be at the mercy of the delivery person, calling and confirming the time of delivery or just landing up a call that he is at the Office Gate or Near home and you are busy in a meeting or off for a grocery pickup.

But the real issue happens when you are placing an order under Cash-on-Delivery.

So good is CoD, that, we often think that, we will get the order delivered when we are free, but you need to be really luck that you don’t encounter a problem with your order delivery and stuck to receive it when needed very urgently. And sometimes doomed! Many a time to many people it happens,

The Law of Delivery Boy Order Delivery. You get an order delivery call only when you are busy. Till you are free to receive the order, he /she would not call! 


Customer Story:

Himanshu, a Project Manager with a leading MNC. He is looking for a newly launched Earbuds to gift to his sister on her birthday which is 2 days later. He looks at the stores to buy it and gift wrap it. But to his surprise, the Model is yet to come to the Stores and he visited. He is left with no option but to look online on some famous websites to buy and gift them to his sister. He is extremely lucky, he finds one and exactly when he needs, the delivery promised is 2 days later at his office.

He tracks and he is happy he would get it today afternoon and then gift to his sister. But things don’t turn out as expected. Work calls and since, there has been some critical escalation, he has to attend back to back meetings from 3-4 and 4-6. While free, till 3, he was expecting the delivery boy to come and deliver and he is sorted with the gift. He calls the delivery boy and he promises to be there. But due to unavoidable circumstances, the delivery does not happen before 3 and his phone rings when he is in the meeting.

Being stuck between meetings, he feels helpless and asks the boy to delivery it again at 6. Completed with meeting, he calls up the delivery boy for the delivery to happen, but to his surprise, he is at the other part of the city and his order can be delivered only tomorrow. He is sad that he could not gift his sister what she asked for on her birthday, and let alone the wasted effort he put in choosing and tracking the delivery.

You too might share a similar story.


How Tryitfirst assures you a delivery in your chosen schedule

We understand what customer wants and introduced Tryitfirst Scheduled Delivery!

We help you not alter your calendar for the order placement and delivery. And you Try and Buy in your most convenient time rather than anticipating when, the delivery will arrive and you try it out and buy it. Since we generally service Try and Buy orders, we have made sure that you are at ease and not in hurry when trying out and buying a product, so that you don’t do a wrong purchase. We give you a choice of total 49 Slots, being 7 slots of 2 hours each for 7 days!

We make sure that you are satisfied with our products and face no problems using the product.

Looks unreal!!! Its true, we deliver your products when you want to us to! Always.


Hear our Customer Says about his experience of Expert Assistance at!

D.Pradeep, a Regional Manager with a Top FMCG Corporate, and a satisfied customer of Tryitfirst, hear what he says

“I work in the marketing and sales department. Most of the time is spent in office, but some meetings demand to travel to the customer locations. And getting some orders getting delivered to the office in those time is rather difficult, as no one responsible will be available to pay and collect them. A same situation aroused, when my son had asked for a BT Earphone as the gift for his birthday.

It was rather easy to buy a BT Earphone, but he wanted a specific one and which was not available on the retail stores. I had once been told by my colleague of the It was rather new for me and I was sceptical whether it is genuine or not, as they were giving so many features and that too at competitive prices. I thought let’s give it a try, as other sites were taking 4 days to delivery and the birthday was just after 2 days. I went to their site, and the order process was rather same and easier than others. I had opted to Try and Buy and which required me to be there when I buy, so selected the morning slot as I am sure I will always be there at the office. And at 11 o clock I had a meeting with one of our clients.

I was waiting and rather curious on how they will service. The TIF delivery person gave a call and he said, he is coming to the desired location in 15 mins and to my surprise he was almost there in 15 mins. He then politely handed me the Trial Item and explained why this is best. And paid for it using Paytm. It was so good experience. Now that this has made a Fan of TRYITFIRST.IN and I would like to buy more and more products and expect them to soon upgrade their product portfolio. Wish them luck and keep their happy customer service.”

Still not convinced, this can really happen. Shop on and experience the fresh change in online shopping experience !