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Why is Expert Assistance required to choose an earphone/headphone/ BT

Online shopping, it is the boon which has made the world of shopping so small. Buy any product of your choice from anywhere.

Its so simple, got a product on your mind, go the popular website, shortlist by the reviews and pay and get your choosen product.

But many a reviews are biased, fake and doctored, which will influence your buying decision and you end up buying a wrong product for yourself.

Sometimes the reviews are so confusing creating a dilemma of which product to buy, and this is what everyone generally faces with.


How do reviews confuse you !

When deciding to buy a product first thing we look upto is the review of the product. We are too much relying on the customer reviews. Many are good, some are bad and some are too confusing, that you do another round of review screening and understanding the products.

Too much of a task to do ! Isn’t it.

Well in some cases, there are no review, or a relatively new product or a complex button structure and you do not know what to do. And now for this we rely on the video sharing websites to help us out again a time consuming and not so worthy process.


Customer Story:

Radhika, a budding entrepreneur and a resident of KPHB. She is looking to buy herself a pair of Trendy Ear Pods which can help her to listen to good music and answer her calls while at work or at Gym or while travel. Caught up by the Trend and her urgency to buy a new one as her favorite BT Headset has stopped working. Stressed out at her work, she goes to a famous Online Shopping website and orders for a pair of Ear Pods from a reputed brand. Its her first hands on, on an Ear Pods. She is a lot curious, partly confused as she unable to take out time from work, to get to know how the Earpods work and how to connect and tune them.

Now, they are lying idle and she is helpless and at times annoyed at why Technology is so complicated, around the Ear Pods. She goes back and buys again her earlier BT headset. Sad but True!

You too might share a similar story.


How TryItFirst assists you in Buying

We understand what customer wants and introduced Tryitfirst Expert Assistance !

We help you in every possible way to assess, understand and guide you with the necessary technical help and guidance in buying the best product possible. Caught in a jinx where both sound similar, our TIF Executive can guide you in choosing your right product by understanding your need, and suggesting you which is the best fit for you. Relax ! we do not influence you to buy a specific product or a brand, we just make you understand your best fitment.

Our TIF Delivery Executives are also experts who can explain you the nuances of the product, help you connect to the BT and how to pair, unpair and explain you how each button works. That’s not all, they will also explain you how you should use, which are the best way to charge your BTs.

We make sure that you are satisfied with our products and face no problems using the product.

Looks unreal !!! Its real, we assist you buy the best suited for you ! Always.


Hear our Customer Says about his experience of Expert Assistance at!

Abhay Singh a Senior Director with a Top Notch MNC, and a satisfied customer of TryitFirst, hear what he says

“My work needs me to be on phone continuously, but holding the phone always started creating health issues and I decided to buy myself a BT Earset which is simple, having a good battery life and good talk time. I was suggested by my friend about the, but I was not convinced if I can really try first and then again will they really be assisting me in buying as they claim. I said, let me give a try.

I ordered 3 of them to Try and Buy. All looked so similar in specs and I was confused which is best. The TIF Delivery Executive arrived within the stipulated time, as I had set the slot time. With a smile, he helped me understand each product and then knowing that I would need one which has a good mic and a good talk time, they suggested one which is the best fit. I could make a few calls to understand which Mic is crystal clear and choose the best as they suggested. Also they helped me understand how to connect, control and use the BT and was so simple with all buttons around. Now I am convinced they really do what they claim ! Wish them Luck and Growth ! “


Still not convinced, this can really happen. Shop on and experience the fresh change in online shopping experience !