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Novel ideas can never be summoned out of thin air. It is often an end result of undeterred passion and keen observation. Tryitfirst (Technovites Solutions) store, India’s first and only ‘try it and then buy it’ store, too has a similar story to share – a story where a customer turned his disappointment into a breakthrough idea in the online market territory, to become a successful entrepreneur.

It all began when Mr Ganesh, one of the founding members of Tryitfirst, ordered an earphone online. Even after having read good reviews, the product, when it finally reached him, turned out to be a disappointment. The sound quality was poor and the piece was inconvenient to wear. However, instead of treading the cliché path of merely registering a complaint or getting a replacement, his passion for entrepreneurship unveiled a brand new idea to him. He was quick to identify a gaping gap in the business, which he felt he could perhaps fill. And that was, to provide customers with the facility to simply try the product first, before buying them. The idea, when discussed with likeminded partners, evolved by leaps and bounds, and, after talking to many experts in the industry and tireless brainstorming of over half a year, manifested into Tryitfirst.

Tryitfirst delivers gadgets such as earphones, headphones, Bluetooth, mono headsets, speakers etc. at your doorstep, and you can run a trial and buy them only if you’re satisfied. In addition, to Free Home Trial, we also take care of the warranty claims for the products purchased from us. It means, you now, no longer have to call the Manufacturer Customer Care / Service, go to their service center, explain of the product, produce the proof of purchase, get the product verified and then an endless wait to receive the replacement. Just one click for warranty return / call to customer care and we will pick the product and provide you the replacement! This is much in sync with the company’s motto of delivering quality service at competitive prices, and catering to customer’s contentment.

The journey, as rewarding as it has been, was never a bed of roses either. There were several challenges to tackle and much to learn. Reducing the time consumption of each trial is one such challenge. If a delivery doesn’t turn into a sale, then the time spent on that one customer would mean loss of another sale. Hence, the employees assigned with the task of delivery were given intensive training – from connecting the gadgets, switching it on, running trial and switching it off – all efficiently and swiftly. We have a playlist that would help the customer easily understand the quality and features of the gadgets. Customer feedback is of paramount importance to us, as much of the nitty-gritty, we learn from it.

Currently located only in Hyderabad, Tryitfirst (Technovites Solutions) has already made the lives of many customers easy by making the purchase of a product hassle-free and ensuring the highest quality service.

Watch how we are different

Our Unique Offering

Try @ Doorstep

You can Try, Experience, Listen, compare and Buy the product you like the most. Try yourself and decide Rather than just relying on images or others reviews

Try 3 Products @ door step

Order up to 3 Products, compare, decide which is better and then you can pay only for that product. We bring retail store experience to your doorstep

Instant Return

In case, you do not like the product/s you tried or the product does not meet your expectation you can return instantly without any payment

365 Days Replacement

Defective product replacement for 365 days*. 1-click return and get replacement @ doorstep. Leave the warranty hassles to us

Purchase Assistance

We don't just deliver a package, our Delivery Champion explains product features and resolve your queries so that you Buy the best.

Convenient Delivery Schedule

Unsure about your delivery when ordered online? Not any more. Choose while ordering your delivery date and time and get it at your convenient time

Tryitfirst SuperCash Discounts

Holding back purchase for Sale Days? With Tryitfirst SuperCash you get instant discount anytime. Just Share to Earn and get instant discounts

Genuine Products

We provide transparent box delivery of products* ensuring your purchase is always genuine. You can also verify product genuineness tag**

PAY by EMI @ Delivery

Convenience of Try and Pay by EMI @ Delivery, You don't have to pay for full while you buy

*Try and Buy currently supported only in Hyderabad. Sign up to know when we start in your city.

How are we different from other Online Shopping websites / apps

Features Tryitfirst.in Amazon.in Flipkart Snapdeal Offline Retailers
Try and Buy Yes* No No No Yes***
Replacement Period 365 Days 10 Days 10 Days 10 Days 1-10 Days
Preferred Delivery Yes* No No No No
Purchase Assistance Yes* No No No Yes
EMI @ Delivery Yes* No No No Yes
Verify Package @Delivery Yes* No Yes** No Yes
Competitive Price Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes***
Rewards Point Yes No Yes** No No
Referral Discount Yes No No No No

*At Hyderabad Location;

**Verify Delivery : at select location;

***For only few selected products;