How we make shopping better

Why you should Try and Buy while buying an earphone/headphone/BT?

Online Shopping and Sale Days, so much synonymous. Best days to Buy at Great Prices. 

But do we really buy what best suits us? Or we just buy for something is at a great discount? We compromise a lot as it is cheap and everyone is buying!

And most of all, these days, people buy earphones or headphones that generally a lot of people buy or if something is at a great discount! Many of us assume that if a lot of people are buying the same product then it must be good. Read the feedbacks and reviews of the product online and buy.

Indeed, they would be good. But, but, but, the important factor is the Fit, Comfort, and Suitability. The same earphone might fit best to person A and might misfit to Person B. And that certainly cannot be identified by reading the reviews and ratings.

You would definitely have to Try, Experience and then Buy !!


Know your need

An effective method, as what matters is if a particular product fits you if it is offering the type of music quality that you are looking for. Some people might be keen on vocals and they’d go for an earphone or headphone that provides vocal clarity, whereas those who like more bass or are into beats, might choose a product that offers these.

Only once you Try and Experience the Earphone / Headphone, with the kind of music you want to hear, and the Fit, comfort once you wear it, can assure you that the product is suitable for best suited you and meets your requirements. has got all your requirements sorted.


How delivers you the best

Tryitfirst allows you to Try, Experience and then Buy the products at your own convenience.

It's so simple, just Logon to our website/app and choose any three products you like and then you can go ahead for a Free Trial @ place you desire. Executive will get the products to your doorstep. You can go for a trial and see if the earphone/headphone stays on despite you moving around a lot. Also, listen to your mesmerizing music tracks and decide which earphone/headphone delivers the best music for you and suits you the most. According to your conditions and preferences, we also suggest some options, and explain which is best and help you choose the right one.

That's not all, our TIF Executive, will give Expert Assistance for you to understand the product you intend to purchase like, on how to connect to multiple devices, how to check the battery, how to use, etc.,

Warranty, this also we have got it sorted for you. For all earphones /headphones/speakers purchased from us, you need not go around the Service Centres for Under Warranty Replacements. Just raise the Warranty Replacement Request and we come to pick up, drop and replace your UNDER WARRANTY REPLACEMENTS.

And if you are not satisfied with the products you ordered, no worries– with it is FREE TRIAL.



Customer Story 

Here is an incident that happened with Keerthana Karthikeyan, a resident of Yusufguda. She is a working professional and commutes to the work daily using the metro train. In the evening, after the office, she goes to teach classical music to underprivileged children. She bought an earphone online witnessing the reviews of the other customers.

She got her package a little late though, she opened and put on. A little disheartened, as the in-earbuds does not fit her ears and surprisingly, the mic recording is also so mediocre when she tries to record her voice. She is so utterly surprised and annoyed, thinking on how so many people are wrong in their reviews, as many have rated it as 5 stars. That's where she realizes, not all fingers of our hand are same, similarly, every earphone does not fit all. Since she hardly gets time between her work and NGO services, she couldn’t replace her order and her money was wasted.

Indeed, here in this case of Keerthana Karthikeyan, she needed an earphone which could suit best for the Vocal and good Mic, but reviews either never talked about the Vocals and Mic recording. Many reviews appearing online, most are biased, or fake.

As a human tendency, we always approve of something if many are buying it and we ignore the most important factor of Suitability and start to adjust with what is bought, as most products can’t be returned unless they are defective!


In case of any queries and questions or you want to know more about how we offer the Warranty Assistance, please feel free to get in touch with our customer support

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