Expert Assistance - Policy

Expert Assistance Policy

The Expert Assistance for the understanding, purchase and post sale demo of the product will be subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The product should have been purchased from Tryitfirst only.
  • The product details, explanation of the product including the buttons usage will be done by the TIF Delivery Expert.
  • The TIF Expert will guide and assist the customer only pertaining to the products which are ordered and the requests to compare or explain about the non-ordered products will be at the sole discretion of the TIF Executive.
  • TIF Expert will assist in the configuration of the Purchased Product to only one device. Any further request to pair with other devices is at the discretion of the TIF Executive.
  • TIF Expert, may or may not be aware of the complete technical details of the Product like the produce, manufacturing process, internal working details, in depth technical details pertaining to the product.
  • TIF Expert will not influence the customer to purchase a specific product under any circumstances.
  • TIF executive will not be able to apply any special discounts apart from which are shared by the user
  • Customer can not bargain with the TIF Executive regarding the price, as he does not hold any authority to increase or discount any prices.

In case of any queries and questions or you want to know more about how we offer the Expert Assistance, please feel free to get intouch with our customer support

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