How to De-Stress yourself during the Lock down

It's been 2 weeks of lockdown we completed to limit the transmission of the COVID-19 virus, we are forced to change our lifestyle from the isolation from all social events, gathering, office / work. And this can be the start for us to to succumb to a sense of anxiety that the unprecedented Covid-19 situation has brought upon us.

Being healthy by Mind and Body are equally important in the currenet situations. Here are a few tips to keep the us healthy Mentally

1) Switch off the News

Keep away from the news for sometime. Always being on the News channels, can cause feeling of fear.

2) Wind up on work - as you were in Office

Its important to keep yourself disciplined on the work timings. DO NOT BE ALWAYS AVAILABLE. As if you go to office, follow the same / similar timings of work.

Spend time with yourself, family, watch some movies, read some books.

3) Eat healthy , Stay fit

Its important to eat healthy food to beat the stress. Healthy food improves immunity which can help us fight against Covid-19. 

4) Call your friends / Family / Relatives

Friends & Family are greatest supports. Call them, speak with them, have some fun conversation. It will boost your joy.

5) Learn something new

Learning is a constant thing in life. learn something new which you like. Learn cooking some new dish and brighten up everyday with a new dish.